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Researches at GIGA – CRC (Cyclotron Research Center) in vivo imaging range from radiopharmaceutical production to in vivo imaging with positron emission tomography and also with magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiology.  Studies are conducted in small animals for brain, cancer or cardiology preclinical researches and for drug development, and in humans for understanding biological processes underlying sleep, mood, addiction, cognition (memory, attention, executive functions), movements, consciousness and their disorders (dementia, Parkinson, impaired consciousness, epilepsy…).

Principal Investigators


A GIGA team, in collaboration with Italian, English and americans researchers, showed that the responsiveness of neurons control was one of the means used by the body clock to maintain our cognitive functioning. This discovery, published this week in Nature Communications, shows that even the simplest aspects of brain function are affected by our circadian clock, with moments of lesser reactivity or exacerbated reactivity of neurons.