Our thematic unit aims to better understand one of the biggest mysteries science is facing: explaining the origins of human consciousness. Our laboratories study (i) pathological, ii) pharmacological and (iii) physiological modifications of conscious awareness in both patients and healthy subjects.


Our expertise rages from the assessment of brain function in (i) brain death, coma, “vegetative” unresponsive, minimally responsive, locked-in and near-death patients to (ii) general anesthesia, controlled sedation and hallucinatory drugs to (iii) hypnosis, meditation and dream-like states.

Principal Investigators


The Gertrud Reenmtsma Foundation (Max Planck Society) has just named its winners in the category of fundamental research in neurology. Steven Laureys (Coma Science Group - GIGA-Consciousness) shares the "Klaus Joachim Zülch" Prize 2017 with Giulio Tononi (University Wisconsin-Madison). The two researchers are rewarded for their "fundamental discoveries in the neurology of consciousness and coma".