In association with the GIGA Imaging Platform, we propose to provide specific training sessions. These sessions will be provided at the GIGA center on the 7th and 8th of september during lunchtime from 12 to 14 PM. 

The team of François Jouret, (FNRS) researcher at GIGA and nephrologist at the CHU in Liège, is working on the use of PET-scan at 18FDG in the non-invasive diagnosis of acute rejection of the renal graft. This approach, developed in collaboration with the Nuclear Medicine Department of the CHU in Liège (Prof. Roland Hustinx, Dr Pierre Lovinfosse), would avoid an unnecessary renal biopsy in many renal transplant recipients.

SEP 07
Daniel Golkowski - Munich University
07/09/2017 18:30 - Salle Marcel Hanquet - CHU (route 381)

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