GIGA's team has managed to identify the role of the chemokine CXCL12 in the radio-resistance of the initiators of glioblastoma cells. An approach combining radiation therapy with inhibitors of CXCL12-mediated pathway seems promising in order to improve care and patient and limit the number of relapses.
Vincent Seutin and Dominique Engel's team (GIGA-Neurosciences) has published an interesting article in the journal "Journal of Neuroscience". This team works on dopamine neurons involved in the control of movement and the motivation to perform a task. Fabian Philippart, a PhD student in the lab found that a calcium channel sensitive to voltage is present in greater density in the compact black substance. This finding suggests that there may be a relationship between the channel "L" and health problems caused by fragility of these neurons.

SEP 19
GIGA Seminar
Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19/09/2016 13:45 - Léon Fredericq Auditorium
OCT 17
GIGA Seminar
Johan WM Heemskerk - University of Zurich ❘ Institute of Anatomy
17/10/2016 12:30 - Léon Fredericq auditorium

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