Le GIGA se joint à L’Université de Liège et CHU de Liège pour adresser leurs chaleureuses félicitations à Steven Laureys, auquel le Prix Francqui 2017, prix scientifique belge le plus prestigieux, vient d’être attribué. Bravo !


A team of researchers led by Anne Van den Broeke (GIGA-ULg and Institut Jules Bordet-ULB) has uncovered a novel mechanism by which viruses cause leukemia. These new findings, published on 23rd May in Nature Communications, could be key to the understanding of virus induced cancers and the development of targeted therapeutic strategies for a very aggressive type of leukemia.

MAY 30
GIGA Seminar
Kristel Sleegers - University of Antwerp
30/05/2017 13:30 - B30 (Cyclotron)
JUN 27
Recognition of cell stress by gamma-delta T cells: implication in the response to Cytomegalovirus
Julie Dechanet-Merville - Université de Bordeaux
27/06/2017 12:30

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