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Being located in the heart of the University of Liege (Belgium) and physically integrated within the CHU of Liege, the GIGA is a major pole of research and development for activities in the biotech area.

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Stéphanie Hody (GIGA-Neurosciences), winner of the Coërs Prize 2013-2014
This prize will be awarded by the Royal Academy of Medicine on September 6 at the "Palais des Académies", for her work entitled "Study of the neural determinism of the changes in muscle fiber typology following eccentric muscular contraction training"
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An effect against thrombosis
Known for its antiangiogenic effects, the 16K PRL fragment of prolactin was, until recently, mainly studied to fight against the development of tumours. The team led by Ingrid Struman, a researcher at the GIGA-Cancer centre, discovered “somewhat by chance” that this fragment also has an effect against thrombosis
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The 52nd Science Teachers Congress is taking place at ULg and will pass through the GIGA.
The program, offering a wealth of thematic presentations and scientific demonstrations by university professors and researchers, allows to refresh knowledge, raise awareness to new thematics and make teaching methods evolve.
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The lipids metabolism, a new target in the war against cancer?
A publication by Nor Eddine Sounni and Agnes Noel (GIGA Cancer) in Cell Metabolism was highlighted in Nature Medecine and Cell Discovery.
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Photos exhibition - Microscopy of the living
A photo exhibition on the microscopy of the living is curretnly taking place at the GIGA. The infinitely small seen in big... An opportunity to show what is undertaken in Imaging in our center.
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Forthcoming seminars
25/09/2014 12:30
Paolo Giacobini - Inserm, Lille
Semaphorins' signaling in development and function of GnRH neurons: setting the stage for reproduction
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27/11/2014 12:00
Sonia Garel - INSERM, Paris
Wiring the forebrain: atypical roles of cell migration
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