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Being located in the heart of the University of Liege (Belgium) and physically integrated within the CHU of Liege, the GIGA is a major pole of research and development for activities in the biotech area.

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Cancer: on the trail of miR-503
A recent article published by the journal Oncotarget, researchers at the Molecular Angiogenesis Laboratory in the GIGA-Cancer demonstrated the action of endothelial exosomes and the microRNAs they contain in relation to tumor growth.
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Hypothèse de double action des œstrogènes
Deux membres du laboratoire de Neuroendocrinologie de Comportement, Charlotte Cornil et Jacques Balthazart co-signent avec leur collaborateur Gregory F. Ball (University of Maryland, USA) une lettre d’opinion publiée dans la revue “Trends in Neurosciences” dans laquelle ils formulent l’hypothèse de double action des œstrogènes.
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The near-death experiences of patients with locked-in syndrome
In an article recently published in Consciousness and Cognition, researchers from the Liège’s Coma Science Groupshow that the emotions reported by patients with locked-in syndrome who have had a near-death experience, are less positive than those of other experiencers, but their autobiographical memories are richer.
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Liste des projets Télévie financés au GIGA en 2015
Près de 40 projets de recherche menés au GIGA sont financés cette année par le Télévie.
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Regenerating cells in the inner ear
Brigitte Malgrange and her team are working on an important line of research involving the regeneration of hair cells (responsible for deafness if they are destroyed) in the cochlea by inhibiting the expression or function of Ephrin-B2 protein.
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Forthcoming seminars
31/08/2015 12:30
Louis-Eric Trudeau - Université de Montréal
Axonal arborization and energetic metabolism of nigral dopamine neurons: a window into selective vulnerability in Parkinson's disease
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04/09/2015 12:00
Eric Verdin - Gladstone Institute, California
The emerging biology of protein acylation: from HDACs to protein malonylation
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