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Being located in the heart of the University of Liege (Belgium) and physically integrated within the CHU of Liege, the GIGA is a major pole of research and development for activities in the biotech area.

Presentation of the GIGA in video

Le métabolisme des lipides, nouvelle cible dans le combat contre le cancer?
Une publication de Nor Eddine Sounni et Agnes Noël (GIGA Cancer) dans Cell Metabolism a fait l'objet de highlights dans Nature Medecine et Cell Discovery
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Exposition de photos - Microscopie du vivant
Une exposition de photos de microscopie du vivant a lieu actuellement au GIGA. L'infiniment petit en grand... une occasion de montrer ce qui se fait en imagerie dans notre centre !
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The importance of the "U" in University Hospital
The importance of the "U" in University Hospital. These constant links between research and hospital, this is also the strength of GIGA. "It is this interaction that will further advance." Explanation on video on ULG TV.
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Briefing for the trainings of FOREM
There are a few remaining places left for the trainings organized by the training center FOREM-GIGA during the second half. If you are interested, a briefing will take place on August 26, 2014.
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An enzyme to keep in mind against Alzheimer's disease
The ITPKB enzyme is not responsible of Alzheimer's disease but leads to an aggravation of the amyloids' deposits and neurofibrillary degeneration when overexpressed in mice. An article regarding Stephan Schurmans' research edited in the FNRSnews.
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Forthcoming seminars
25/09/2014 12:30
Paolo Giacobini - Inserm, Lille
Semaphorins' signaling in development and function of GnRH neurons: setting the stage for reproduction
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