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Being located in the heart of the University of Liege (Belgium) and physically integrated within the CHU of Liege, the GIGA is a major pole of research and development for activities in the biotech area.

Presentation of the GIGA in video

Capita Selecta in Complex Disease Analysis conference and EU COST Pancreas annual meeting
The emphasis is on creating an interdisciplinary forum, where interaction between participants and invited speakers is stimulated. The focus is on "uncovering population and patient heterogeneity in the omics era" and "data fusion and integration to improve mechanistic insights in rare diseases".
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World Diabetes Day
On this World diabetes day, let's remind that this disease is one of the research thematic of the GIGA. Some explanations with the video of Vincent Geenen, laboratory of Immunoendocrinology of the GIGA, and with an article explaining the latest developments.
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2 new companies just joined the GIGA
Biosourcing and LaCAR MDx have added their names to the list of companies hosted in the GIGA. Biosourcing (GIGA-Entreprises Espace 1) is a reference biotechnology company for the production of "biologicals" in animal health. LaCAR MDx (GIGA-Entreprises Espace 2) develops projects in the molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases.
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A new protagonist in cell survival
What do solid tumours, certain congenital types of deafness and rheumatoid arthritis have in common? A deregulation in the function of the protein KIAA1199! In a study published in Nature communications, researchers from the University of Liège reveal the link between this protein and a receptor known as EGFR, a key protagonist in tumour development and progression. A link that could be of importance for these human diseases...
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Michel Georges, invited speaker of the Francqui Chair
As titular of the Francqui Chair, Michel Georges will present a cycle of 6 lectures at the UCL "Institut de Duve", from tuesday November 4.
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Forthcoming seminars
25/11/2014 12:30
Eric Vivier - Centre d'Immunologie, Marseille
NK cells: a cytotoxic subset of Innate Lymphoid cells
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27/11/2014 12:00
Sonia Garel - INSERM, Paris
Wiring the forebrain: atypical roles of cell migration
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