The GIGA centre is located on  the Sart Tilman campus, University of Liege (Belgium).

The GIGA tower is situated in the CHU (University hospital).

Most research units are located in the GIGA tower (B34) and some are located in B23 and B36 (also within the CHU) and in  B6 (Chemistry – see map of the Sart Tilman).


         photo CHU

Directions for getting to Liège and the Sart Tilman : click here

Directions for getting to GIGA tower – Sart Tilman : follow signs to "CHU".

Entry to GIGA tower (elevators) is in the main hall of the hospital (main entry next to the florist’s) in front of the baker’s shop.


Sart-Tilman's map

plan sarttilman

Interactive map here


Acces to the seminar amphitheaters

The GIGA-R seminars always take place within the CHU site – Sart Tilman.
Jorissen, Sternon and Stainier amphitheaters are located in building B36 – "Pharma" tower.
Roskam, Welsh and Bacq & Florquin amphitheaters are located in building B35 within the Faculty of Medicine.
Directions for finding a building according to its number, click here.