Genomics is a discipline which concerns the study of the whole genome of a cell or an organism. Genomics includes also the efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping. More complex than the study of a single gene, it requires the use of state-of the-art technologies to analyse millions of nucleotides in a single experiment. The bioinformatics became today a major field of Genomics and helps to assemble, organize and analyse the function and structure of genomes. 

Genomics encompasses also the so-called Transcriptomics which is focused on the gene expression at whole genome level. The expression  profiling of genes can be assessed under different experimental conditions. 

Both approaches based on nucleic acid studies as well as on the characterisation of their modifications require state-of-the-art technologies which share many parameters. The GIGA Genomics platform offers services from sequencing (conventional sequencing or high throughput) to analysis of gene expression.

In 2013, the GIGA has acquired two sequencers of the new generation (ILLUMINA MiSeq V2 benchtop sequencer and Illumina HiSeq2000) which constitute a unique opportunity to analyse a huge amount of nucleic acid sequences very quickly.


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