WBC Incubator

WBC Incubator is the Life Sciences Incubator in Wallonia.  His objective is to create innovative, competitive and enduring companies in biomedical, environmental, animal and agro-food biotechnologies.
Biotech Coaching S.A., commercially named WBC Incubator is an incorporated company created by 3 investors (Sofipole,  Spinventure SA (Meusinvest Group) and Sambrinvest Spin-Off/Spin-Out SA.  His headquarters are located at the 3rd level of the GIGA2 with a co-working space at the i-Tech Incubator in Gosselies.
For the time being WBC Incubator is supporting 23 companies.  13 companies are located in Liège (5 in GIGA 2 : Artialis, Astrea, Symbiose, Revatis et X-Press – 4 in GIGA 1 : Amhyspin, Aquilon, BioSourcing et Targetome and finally 1 in the LabHotel (Imcyse).
The growing team of the WBC Incubator attends several international events where he efficiently promotes the companies in his pipeline as well as through the social networksas Twitter, Linkedin, Scoop’it and Google +.


WBC Incubator logo 21.02.14

For the WBC Incubator

Serge Pampfer
Tour GIGA +3
Avenue de l'Hôpital, 1
4000 Liège

Tel : +32 4 246 51 10